How much does it cost to have a piece of music typeset or transcribed? Costs depend on exactly what you submit and what you require. Variables include:

  • The length of the score
  • The size of the score
  • The complexity/content of the score
  • The legibility of the manuscript or the source
  • If any graphic or contemporary notation is required.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your project. In order to provide you with a more accurate estimate, we ask that you please send us a few ‘typical’ pages of your score, including an example of any including modern notation/extended techniques/graphics if present. If you are unable to provide the complete material for assessment, please let us know what length you anticipate it will be. We will provide you with an approximation of cost and time to complete your score. If the complete material is not available for assessment, we reserve the right to review our estimate when the complete material does become available and is sighted. Most projects are costed based upon our reasonable hourly rate.