Frequently Asked Questions

This section aims to answer the questions most frequently asked of FinePrint. If this page does not answer your question, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



How do I contact FinePrint?

Most easily by e-mailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Should you which to speak with a particular representative, you can contact them via e-mail, or call +61 (0)402 84 85 31 (within Australia).

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What software is used?

We prefer to use Finale for most of our work. We also use Sibelius when required.

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How long does it take to typeset a piece?

Of course this is determined by exactly what you submit. Elements which come into play are:
- The length of the score
- The size of the score
- The complexity/content of the score
- The legibility of the manuscript or the copy

We can advise of a projected timeframe prior to commencement.

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How much does it cost to get a piece typeset?

Once again, this is determined by exactly what you submit; some of the factors for consideration are listed directly above.
FinePrint primarily works by our reasonable hourly rate. Please enquire for more details.

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What type and size of paper is used? Can I choose?

We are happy to discuss requirements. Normally, the type and size of paper used is dependent on the project's specifications and intended user.  We are happy to guide you on options according to your purpose and budget.  Depending on your requirements, this could include archival quality paper, paper of various weights, colours and sizes.  We can provide you with multiple copies, collating and binding (in various forms). We are able to do short run digital printing and collating in house at the same sizes as traditional music offset printing, complete with celloglazed (thin laminate which gives a glossy or satin appearance) full colour covers.  For projects of high volume, offset printing can be arranged.

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Do I have to have my files printed? Can I request files prepared for digital download, tablet screen, etc.,?

At this point in time, we find that most scores are normally produced with the intent to be printed at some point - either via the provision of a hard copy product, or for a file available for download online and printed by an end-user. We're happy to produce a score that is intended specifically for tablet screen (which are mostly smaller) so that it is easier to read on those devices. If you're preparing files for overseas markets, we can help guide you on sizing. Please just let us know what your intentions are, and we can work to your requirements. For proofing purposes, it's also very important to see how the score/product will look at the size it is intended to be published. Mostly, people notice errors on paper more quickly than on screen, so we would still recommend printing out your product at size, to check and mark up as necessary.

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Can the client take care of arranging the printing?

Yes. If you want to print out your own files, or arrange the printing with a printing company with whom you know and wish to work, this is no problem at all. We can provide print-ready files based on your / the printer's requirements. If you want FinePrint to take care of the printing, we can do short to medium run and large format digital printing in house. For offset printing, we have a working relationship with a number of printing companies in Australia and around the world.  As FinePrint works exclusively in the preparation of music publications, we are aware of the common issues in music printing and have the specialist knowledge to print your music to the highest commercial standards. 

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What music typefaces are available?

We use a wide range of music typefaces, and are able to create new symbols and characters if needed. We have experience in creating custom fonts if needed to fulfil your project. If you have specific requirements, simply let us know. Many publishers will have specific requests in order to maintain their style guides, which we can match, or can develop templates. The Examples page shows some of the options clients have chosen in the past.

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Does FinePrint do tablature?

Yes, please enquire when submitting a project to us.
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Can you incorporate my non-standard, unusual or complex elements into the final product?

Yes, please enquire with details and requirements when submitting a project to us.
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What does FinePrint require to start?

Initially when we receive your enquiry, we discuss your project with you personally. Sending us a complete copy of the score also enables us to estimate price and project timelines with greater accuracy. If required, FinePrint will provide, one (or two) representative page(s) before fully commencing the project, to check individual requirements and to assist us with price estimations. In the case of larger projects, we may require a deposit of 30% of the projected project cost. Once the first draft is received, we ask for a further 30% of the projected project cost, or the cost per hourly rate incurred to that point.

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How does the manuscript come to FinePrint?

Depending on its size - it may come via postal mail; scanned PDF or pre-existing computer files through email, or cloud file service such as dropbox or google drive; or via upload to our client space server (email us for login and password details). Please ensure that you have made backup copies (particularly in the case of hard copy scores) before sending them.

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Can I see a sample page before we start the whole project?

Yes, this is a standard process in large projects so that we are all in agreement on your project's specifications before proceeding with the rest. If you have an idea of what you would like your score to look like, based upon an existing published example, or if you need to meet a house style, please let us know. We will often develop a template based on your needs, which you will need to approve before we continue with the bulk of the project. It is best to get this right from the start, rather than having to go back and re-do aspects later, in case of a change of mind/purpose/publisher. If you don't have a specific look in mind, we are happy to advise what we think might best suit your project, based on our experience and awareness of what meets convention, etc.

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What happens after I receive a draft?

You will receive your draft along with a comments sheet, which in some cases, will have already been discussed through other means. Preferably in red, please make all the necessary corrections of typesetting errors. Please note however, that corrections simply mean corrections - rewriting, re-orchestrating, errors in the original source material, changes of mind and the like do not constitute editing. Such changes will be charged for at our hourly rate. Please note that copyright is the responsibility of the client.

Upon receipt of your proofed score by FinePrint, we again work through the piece and complete any requested alterations. If required, we can also extract parts at this stage. You can continue to resubmit your score until satisfied. Alterations will be completed at the hourly rate.

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Is there a limit to the number of times I can resubmit drafts?

No, there is no limit. Please resubmit until you are completely satisfied with what you see. We find in most cases, the project is completed in two or three stages, i.e. Draft - Corrected Draft - Final.

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Can I get just performance parts completed?

Yes. This is not unusual, especially for the purpose of first performances. If you have already typeset the score, and would like us to prepare the parts, we can do so.

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What are the final format possibilities?

In hard copy format, you can choose to have your work presented on:
- standard paper
- archival quality paper
- various paper weightings, colours and sizes
- bound copies (saddle stitched [stapled] booklets, wire or spiral continuous coil - we are one of the few printers that can bind A3 continuous coil on the long edge)
- full colour or black and white printing
- full colour covers, full bleed (to the edge), celloglazed 
and many other styles. Simply indicate your preference, or FinePrint can advise on suitability.

In digital format, FinePrint can also produce
- Print ready PDF files of your scores, so that you can distribute your work electronically, or arrange your own printing if you wish
- Complete publications ready for print/press, with all text and imagery prepared
- Various image and file formats
- Websites

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When will my score be ready?

FinePrint will of course endeavour to get every score to you as soon as possible. This will depending on our existing project schedule. If you have a specific deadline, please let us know and we can advise if we can reasonably meet that timeline. As a rough guide, smaller projects may be completed in as little as a few days, while full orchestral scores can rarely be completed in less than a month. Just ask us for a timeframe estimate. Orchestral scores often need to be booked in many months in advance, so that we can work with our existing project schedules.

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Do I know before how much it will cost?

We ask that you please send ‘typical’ pages of your score, including an example of any including modern notation/extended techniques/graphics if necessary. If you are unable to provide the complete material for assessment, please let us know what length you anticipate it will be. We will provide you with an approximation of cost and time to complete your score. If the complete material is not available for assessment, we reserve the right to review our estimate when the complete material does become available and it sighted.

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What are my payment options?

For Australian payments, we can accept Direct Bank Transfers, Cash, Australian cheques, PayPal, or credit card payments. We use PayPal to process credit card payments. For America, Europe, UK and other countries, we ask that you to pay through International Bank Transfer, Credit Card or PayPal in AUD. Cheques are payable to FinePrint.

For Australian bank transfers, our details are below:

Account Name: FinePrint
Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Branch: 25-29 Fitzgerald Avenue, Springwood, Queensland 4127, Australia
BSB Number: 06 4170
Account Number: 1021 8277

If you are sending funds from outside of Australia, we ask that you also email a copy of the completed transfer to us. They can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (or to your particular FinePrint consultant). This is to ensure that your score can be sent to you without unnecessary delay, as some international payments can take some time to clear.

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Why should I bother getting my music published, and with FinePrint?

The FinePrint team of music typesetters, proofreaders and editors are all professionally trained, postgraduate degree-qualified musicians. As composers, performing musicians and educators ourselves, we understand what is required to make a score 'work'. We are able to prepare scores to levels acceptable to major publishing houses, and can tailor the appearance of your score to meet specific publisher requirements. Even though more musicians are becoming familiar with the standard software packages, the default output from these programs is rarely publishable - we are able to give scores a publishable face.

A professional copyist understands what a professional musician/ensemble will need to rehearse efficiently, and for each player to feel more comfortable in reading their part. Beyond the considerable frustration and rehearsal time can be saved by not having to answer questions quering notes, or cues, tranposition, clef and errors in orchestration, we serve as an additional sets of eyes, can query you before it gets to the rehearsal stage, and help to check the elements as we work through your project. There are often many hundreds or thousands of small adjustments made in layout, beaming angles, spacing, alignment, etc. to make a published score acceptable to a major publishing house.  It is also incredibly helpful to have someone look at your score with an editor/performer's eyes, and serve as another check point so that you can feel more comfortable about printing your work.  

Once typeset, you also have the option of making your music available electronically or in a traditional format.

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Can FinePrint mass print and publish my score?

FinePrint can provide a wide range of related services, from allocating an ISMN and/or ISBN identifier, to cover design and page layout, proofing, to short-medium digital printing, to offset printing, and domestic and international shipping. If you think this may be appropriate for you, please talk to us. On a smaller scale, FinePrint is happy to provide you with multiple copies of your score. Simply enquire about numbers and we will provide you with a quote. We do not offer distribution services.

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Final suggestions to ensure fastest and most accurate completion of your piece

Please submit 'final' versions of your score to start with. (We do understand that the creative process may involve changes of mind.) Extra alterations take time, and therefore cost more to complete. If you are asking us to for arrangement services, you must know who your target audience is so that an arrangement of a suitable level can be created.

For your own compositions and corrections, if the score is clear to start with, FinePrint will be able to complete your score more efficiently, therefore making the process cheaper.

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Any other questions or queries? Just send FinePrint a message. We will do our best to answer your questions!



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