Editing Services

Need someone to help edit or prepare your files for publication? Need a part transposed or reset, piano reduction, arrangement, transcription from audio, proofreading or other editorial services?

The FinePrint team of music typesetters, proofreaders and editors are all professionally trained, postgraduate degree-qualified musicians. As composers, performing musicians and educators ourselves, we understand what is required to make a score 'work'. We are able to prepare scores to levels acceptable to major publishing houses, and can tailor the appearance of your score to meet specific publisher requirements. 

Even though more musicians are becoming familiar with the standard software packages, the default output from these programs is rarely publishable - we are able to give scores a publishable face. 

A professional copyist/engraver understands what a professional musician/ensemble will need to rehearse efficiently, and for each player to feel more comfortable in reading their part.  Preparing a set of orchestral or ensemble parts is a time intensive job where it can be of benefit to have a specialist assist in the preparation.

Considerable frustration and rehearsal time can be saved by not having to answer questions quering notes, working out cues, transposition and clef issues, etc.  We serve as an additional sets of eyes, can query you before it gets to the rehearsal or publication stage, helping to check the elements as we work through your project.  FinePrint can work with existing score-writing files, preparing/refining the layout for publication.

Piano reductions can be created to enable a soloist or chorus to rehearse and prepare outside of the ensemble.

Arrangements can be created from your source material, to allow for a different configuration of players or instruments, or to adjust the level of difficulty of a work.

If you'd like to contact us about a project, please get in touch.